Sketch Options


Sketch options

Increment for snap-to-angle:

Set the angle increment to use to constrain the mouse position when holding the ctrl key and moving the mouse. The default setting is 15ยบ. It is recommended to turn off snapping to the background grid when using snap-to-angle.

Default edge type

Set the default edge type for newly created edges. The options are line, curve, and arc. The default setting is line.

Edge ratio direction

Set default edge zoning behavior when using edge ratio other than 1. The default setting is Auto which means that Sketch will attempt to automatically detect the correct direction of zone densification along an edge (typically, zones on edges are densified towards the end connected to an edge(s) with smaller zones). In this case, ratio will be automatically adjusted. User can turn off the automatic direction detection or set densification towards Right, Left, Top, or Bottom of the working area.

Block Shading

Set whether meshed blocks will be shaded opaque or transparent; the default is opaque. Using transparent shading allows the underlying objects (grid, axes, background image) to be seen through the shading of meshed blocks.

Extrusion options

Extrusion mode

Set how the extrusion is performed in relation to the the construction plane (Front view) and the extrusion path. The default setting Parallel means that the cross-section of the extruded geometry will stay parallel to the Constrcution plane. The Adjusted settings means that the the cross-section of the extruded geometry will be oriented along the average normal at the extrusion nodes and also the width of the extrusion cross-section will remain constant (corresponding to the the extent of the geometry in the construction plane).

Keep ends parallel to the construction plane

Set to keep the cross-sections of the extruded geometry parallel to the construction plane at the ends of each extrusion path.

Path deleting mode

Set to keep extrusion path continuous when deleting extrusion nodes (i.e., the nodes initially connected to the deleted node will be automatically conencted by a segment with default settings). The default setting is off, meaning that when extrusion node is deleted, segments connected to it are also deleted.