Configure the list used to color the plot item.

Color-List: Set which items on the list are displayed. The field contains “Select None”, “Select All”, and “Invert Selection” buttons, respectively. These are followed by the “Global” checkbox, which, if checked, causes the current pairing of colors and labels to be used globally across all plots. For example, if a specific, consistent color is desired for group names that appear in all plots, this setting will be useful.

This field is also a container for the items on the list.

[Item]: When the list contains one or more items, they are listed beneath the main field. The item’s name is used as a label for the field. If checked, the item is displayed. Next a color control appears to set/indicate the item color. The current label for the item appears next; initially this defaults to the item name. The settings button (…) may be used to set an “alias” that can be used instead of the item name when displayed in the legend.