Geometry Int Count


This filter element filters plot item objects by the number of times a ray drawn from an object’s centroid intersects a geometry set. If an odd number of intersections is set in the “Count” attribute (see below), there is a likelihood that objects that meet the filter element criteria lie inside the geometry set if the geometry set is a closed volume.


Not: Invert the filter element’s selection.

Extent: If checked, only include the item if its entire extent fits within this filter element’s definition. If not checked, the item’s centroid is used to determine the location of the item and whether it is within the filter element’s definition.

Count: Set the number of intersections of the ray. If this is set to “odd” (click the spinbox controls until it reaches the “-1” position), then any object with an odd number of intersections through the specified geometry set(s) is selected.

Ray Dir.: Set the direction of the ray (x, y, z). The default value is 0, 0, 1.

Geometry Set: Select the geometry set(s) to use from among those listed. If this attribute is empty, this indicates the model does not contain any geometry sets; see the geometry import command.