This filter element can be used to remove parts of a plot item, either interactively or using the Attributes sheet.

Interactive Operation

Position the mouse over the plot item in the area of interest. When the cursor indicates remove mode is ready ( cur_remove ), click on the object to be removed. Repeat as needed. Note that each removal click will add an item (identified by ID) to the “Add” attribute. Items added in this way cannot be removed, but the check boxes next to their names may be unchecked to “un-include” them in the filter.


Not: Invert the filter element’s selection.

Extent: If checked, only include the item if its entire extent fits within this filter element’s definition. If not checked, the item’s centroid is used to determine the location of the item and whether it is within the filter element’s definition.

Add: Display a list of the removed parts of the plot item. Objects to be removed are checked; unchecking an item will cause it to be omitted from the action of the filter element.