Startup Dialog


The Startup dialog delivers status notifications when the program is first opened, and provides options for what to do vis-à-vis the project.


These messages are accompanied by links to provide further information about the notification. If the link is visited once, the “Do Not Show Again” checkbox is activated and the user may check that item to prevent its display on future startups.[1]

The Options

Recent Project

This will open the project shown in the “Recent Projects” pulldown above. Use the pulldown to access the list of recent projects to change the selection as wanted.

New Project … and Open Project …

Either of these will present a FileOpen dialog to perform the selected option.

No Project

This option opens the program with no project specified (see the tip below). Using the dialog’s close button (×) has the effect of selecting this option.


About working without a project: the program always behaves as though a project is loaded, even when No Project is chosen in the Startup Options. A “temp” project is created when “No Project” is selected; it tracks all project items (data files, model state (SAV) files, etc.). Using the File —> Save menu command will save this project.