Update Key Dialog

When users make a change to their current license (add an option, initiate a lease, etc.), the security key is modified to accommodate the new license configuration using the Update Key dialog. Itasca sends the user password file or files (each item changed/added to the license requires a separate password file). The process of using the dialog with the file(s) is as follows.

  1. Itasca sends a password file(s) for the change(s) to made to the license. Have the file(s) ready.

  2. Make sure that the key to be updated is attached to the computer.

  3. Start PFC.

  4. Go to the Update Key dialog; follow the menu sequence Tools —> Update Key….


Figure 1: The Update Key dialog. Click to enlarge in a new window.

5. Use the dialog controls to select the password file(s) to use to update the key. The process can be completed by performing these steps on each password file, one at a time. However, it is easier and faster to specify all password files at the same time (hold the Ctrl key and click on each file needed; this will require that all files be contained in the same folder).

6. Successful completion of the process is indicated in a message dialog. Unsuccessful completion will terminate in an error. In the case of error, please contact the code-selling office or agent that supplied your password file(s) immediately to resolve the issue.