i = geom.edge.start.index(e)

Get local index i of edge e within the first polygon attached to the edge. This can be used to iterate through all polygons attached to an edge using the geom.edge.start.poly, and functions.


i - edge index


e - edge pointer

Usage Example

The following example illustrates how geom.edge.start.index can be used to iterate through all polygons connected to an edge.

    global test20 =,1))
    global test21 =,2))
    global test22 = geom.poly.normal(pnt)
    global test23 = geom.poly.pos(pnt)
    global test24 = geom.poly.area(pnt)
    ; Test edge to polygon loop
    global test25 = 0
    local edge_pnt = geom.edge.find(setpnt,1)
    local poly_pnt = geom.edge.start.poly(edge_pnt)