model results command


model results keyword

Primary keywords:

clear-map    export    import    index    interval    list    map    prefix    warn

Perform file operations on results files. Results files are lightweight versions of save files. Importing results files will fully overwrite the model state (as with model restore), but only a small, predetermined portion of the complete model is included. In general, a results file is about 5% of the size of a complete save file, depending on how much information is included. A state imported from a results file cannot be further cycled.

The user controls what information is included in a results file using the results keyword available to many model objects. In FLAC3D for example, see the zone results command.

Results files can be explicitly exported at any time using the model results export command. They can also be automatically exported in regular intervals during cycling using the model results interval command.

Results files are commonly used to export model states at regular intervals — both to allow the creation of a movie later and to make it easy to check the progress of a model during solution. Movie files can be created by using the Generate Movie Frames… wizard available in the i Tools menu. The “Results” section of the Options Dialog can also be used to specify an output interval, and control what values are exported.

Results file settings are part of the model state, and are saved and restored with the model. They are reset after a model new command.

Result files generated automatically during cycling are named sequentially using the prefix and the index values. If a prefix is not specified it will default to flac3d; index defaults to 1. The format used will be prefixXXXX.result, where XXXX is the index value output as four digits with leading zeros as needed. After each file is exported the index will automatically be incremented.


Clear the current list of tabulated results.

export s <text>

Export the results file to the file s. The default extension is f3result in FLAC3D and {p2result in PFC2D; p3result in PFC3D}. By default the result is exported in binary format. The option text keyword specifies that it the export is in text format.

import s | i <skip-fish>

Import the contents of the results file s or the results file with index i. If an integer is given a prospective filename is created given the prefix specified. The assumed default extension is f3result in FLAC3D and {p2result in PFC2D; p3result in PFC3D}. By default, the FISH state is reset and any FISH variables saved with the results file are imported. The skip-fish keyword specifies that the current FISH state is kept intact and any FISH variables stored in the results file are not imported.

index i

Specify the numeric index to use for the name of the next results file to be exported.

interval keyword

Control the interval at which results files are exported during cycling, if at all. The default setting is model results interval active off.

active b

Turn automatic exporting of results files on and off. The default setting is off. In general, setting an export interval will automatically turn exporting on.

clock f keyword

Activate exporting of results files at real-time intervals. f specifies the amount of time between exports. The following keywords are available to define the units of time f uses.


f is in hours between result file exports.


f is in minutes between result file exports.


f is in seconds between result file exports.

creep f

Export a result file every f units of accumulated creep time.

dynamic f

Export a result file every f units of accumulated dynamic time.

fluid f

Export a result file every f units of accumulated fluid time.

mechanical f

Export a result file every f units of accumulated mechanical time. Note that this will include cycles taken under static, creep, or dynamic conditions. Static cyling always uses a timestep of 1.0.

step i

Export a result file every i cycles. Note that for loosely coupled analyses (see the model solve command) the steps are “super-cycles”, and do not includes steps taken to solve slave processes to equilibrium.

thermal f

Export a result file every f units of accumulated thermal time.


List the current results file settings. This list starts with a detailed breakdown of all optional values which can be included, and their current setting. It ends with the current interval values.

map s | sy

Place the list of tabulated results into a FISH map. If the FISH variable does not exist a string name must be given. Otherwise the symbol name can be given without quotes. The keys are either the super-cycle numbers or the accumulated time at the instant of tabulation while the values are the results file names.

prefix s

Specify the prefix used for automatically exported result files. The default prefix is flac3d in FLAC3D and {pfc2d in PFC2D; pfc3d in PFC3D}.

warn b

Specify whether the user will be notified if a results file overwrites an existing results file when cycling is initiated from the console.