program log command


program log b <keyword ...>

Turn on/off logging. By default this setting is off.


As with all program commands, use of the command word program is optional; program log and log are both valid.

If not explicity set, the program will put log output in a file named flac3d.log in the current directory. Information output to the console is logged in this ASCII file. Use the program log-file command to specify a different log file name. See the program echo command for details on what information is output to the console.

If the log file is opened, then the following keywords are available to control what happens to any existing file with that name.


Information is added to the end of the log file. This is the default behavior.

show-message b

Specify the shown state of the messages (i.e., date, time, and other log meta-information) the logging system appends to the log when enabling or disabling logging. By default these messages are appended.


Any existing log file is cleared before new information is added.