table import command


table s import sfile

Read file sfile into table s.

The file must be formatted as described below, and has the “.tab” extension by default. The files contents are added to any existing table data.

The file sfile must be formatted and organized as follows:

Line 1 - This line will be taken as the label of the table, and can be of any length.

Line 2 - Give two white space separated values, namely the number of points followed by the assumed interval between them. If the interval is specified as 0.0, then unevenly spaced pairs are assumed to follow.

Line 3 - Give the table y-value. The x-value is calculated as equally spaced values of time based on the step input from line 2. If the step is specified as 0.0, then it is assumed that the step is not constant, and the values for the remaining lines are read as pairs separated by white space.