structure cable list command


structure cable list keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

apply    force-axial    force-node    group    grout    information    length    property    stress    system-local    yield

Lists properties and responses of cable elements in the range. If no keyword is given, the default output of the command is that associated with the information keyword.


axial tension that will be maintained during cycling


axial force in the cable (average of the two end forces)

force-node <keyword>

generalized nodal forces (force and moment) acting on the element. These are the generalized forces exerted by the nodes on the element.


express the values in the element coordinate system (the default)


express the values in the global coordinate system

group <slot s >

group assignment(s). If slot is specified, then list the group assignment, if any, in slot s.


information about the grout that is modeled as coupling springs that connect the cable to the target object (zones in FLAC3D and 3DEC, and particles in PFC3D): confinement, displacement, stress, yield state and average axial direction


general element information: nodal connectivity, centroid, surface area, volume, and hide/select status


length of the cable

property keyword <scaled bscaled >

Scaled properties are returned if the scaled keyword (FLAC2D ONLY) is set to true (the default is false). If the property cannot be scaled, an error is emitted.

cross-sectional-area f

cross-sectional area

density f

mass density

grout-cohesion f

grout cohesion per unit length

grout-cohesion-table s

name of the table relating grout cohesion to relative shear displacement

grout-friction f

grout friction angle

grout-friction-table s

name of the table relating grout friction angle to relative shear displacement

grout-perimeter f

grout exposed perimeter

grout-stiffness f

grout stiffness per unit length

slide b

large-strain sliding flag

slide-tolerance f

large-strain sliding tolerance

tensile-failure-strain f

tensile failure strain

thermal-expansion f

thermal-expansion coefficient

yield-compression f

compressive yield strength

yield-tension f

tensile yield strength

young f

Young’s modulus


axial stress in the cable (not to be confused with stress in the grout)


element local coordinate system


yield state indicating whether or not the cable has yielded