building-blocks edge transform command


building-blocks edge transform <origin v_o > keyword <control-point b > <range>

Primary keywords:

reflect    rotate    scale    translate

Transform and edge (via its points). If <range> is not specified all edges are transformed.

For those options that require an origin (rotate, reflect, and scale) the optional origin may be supplied to specify the origin for the operation.

The <control-point b> option for the edges with control points indicates whether control-points on an edge should move if only one of the points of that edge is moved. For the faces with control points the option indicates where control-points of a face should move if not all of the face points are moved. The default is true. This option has no effect with reflect keyword.

reflect keyword

Make a reflection transformation about a plane.

dip f1 dip-direction f2

Specify the mirror plane defined by dip angle f1 and dip direction f2. Angles are defined in degrees.

plane v_1 v_2 v_3

Specify the mirror plane defined by three points v_1 v_2 v_3.

rotate direction v angle f

Perform rotation by angle f, in degrees, using rotation axes that goes through the coordinate origin in the direction v.

scale v

Scale the point positions by expanding or contracting their distance from the origin by a factor of v in the \(x\)-, \(y\)-, and \(z\)-directions, respectively.

translate v

Perform a translation — adding v to each coordinate point of the blocks to be transformed.