FLAC3D Modeling • Introduction

About Itasca Consulting Group Inc.

Itasca Consulting Group, Inc., is more than a developer and distributor of engineering software. Itasca is a consulting and research firm consisting of a specialized team of civil, geotechnical, and mining engineers with an established record in solving problems in many areas:

  • Mining Engineering and Energy Resource Recovery

  • Nuclear Waste Isolation and Underground Space

  • Defense Research

  • Software Engineering

  • Seismic Engineering

  • Groundwater Analysis and Dewatering

  • Petroleum Engineering

Itasca was established in 1981 to provide advanced rock mechanics services to the mining industry. Today, Itasca is a multidisciplinary geotechnical firm with over 100 professionals in offices worldwide. The corporate headquarters for Itasca are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Worldwide offices of Itasca are: Itasca Denver Inc. (Denver, Colorado); Itasca Consultants AB (Luleaa, Sweden); Itasca Consultants S.A.S. (Ecully, France); Itasca Consultants GmbH (Gelsenkirchen, Germany); Itasca Consultores S.L. (Llanera, Spain); Itasca S.A. (Santiago, Chile); Itasca Consulting Canada Inc. (Sudbury, Canada); Itasca Consulting China Ltd. (Wuhan, China); HydroChina — Itasca R & D Center (Hangzhou, China); Itasca Houston Inc. (Houston, Texas); Itasca Australia Pty. Ltd. (Melbourne, Australia); ASC (Shrewsbury, United Kingdom); and Itasca India Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (Nagpur, India).

Itasca’s staff members are internationally recognized for their accomplishments in geological, mining, petroleum, seismology, and civil engineering projects. Itasca staff consists of geological, mining, hydrological, petroleum and civil engineers who provide a range of comprehensive services, such as: 1) computational analysis in support of geo-engineering designs; 2) design and performance of field experiments and demonstrations; 3) laboratory characterization of rock properties; 4) data acquisition, analysis, and system identification; 5) groundwater modeling; and 6) short courses and instruction in the geomechanics application of computational methods. If you should need assistance in any of these areas, we would be glad to offer our services.