Advection-Conduction Properties

These are the properties of the Advection-Conduction model:

conductivity-effective f

Effective conductivity.

conductivity-fluid f

Fluid thermal conductivity.

density-fluid f

Temperature-dependent fluid density.

expansion f

Matrix linear thermal-expansion coefficient. See Thermal-Stress Coupling for further information.

expansion-fluid f

Fluid volumetric thermal-expansion coefficient.

gradient-x f (r)

\(x\)-component of the temperature gradient.

gradient-y f (r)

\(y\)-component of the temperature gradient.

gradient-z f (r)

\(z\)-component of the temperature gradient.

specific-discharge-x f

\(x\)-component of specific discharge.

specific-discharge-y f

\(y\)-component of specific discharge.

specific-discharge-z f

\(z\)-component of specific discharge.

specific-heat-effective f

Effective specific heat over matrix density.

specific-heat-fluid f

Fluid specific heat.

temperature-reference f

Reference temperature. This keyword is also for Hydration.


(r) Read-only property.

This property cannot be set by the user. Instead, it can be listed, plotted, or accessed through FISH.