Object Properties

For a general description of how to edit properties, see Object Properties in General.

Starting Point

Subsequent Points

These points can be selected either one at a time or in groups. When selected one at a time, the Depth property can be edited as well as Group name. When more than one point is selected, only the Group name can be edited.

With nothing selected, you can press the space bar to show the Popup Property Editor and then enter the coordinate for a new point, even if the new point is beyond the end of the current extrusion.

You can use the mouse pointer to drag points to new positions.


One edge is shown for each stage of the extrusion. When you select an edge, its length, number of zones, ratio and group name can be edited either in the control panel or the Popup Property Editor.

When you change the number of zones or the ratio, the new zoning will be represented by the vertical lines for each stage of the extrusion.

Valid values for ratio range from 0 to infinity. The default value is 1. In practice, values should probably be kept in the range from 0.5 to 2.

Extrusion Axis