zone reflect command


zone reflect keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

dip-direction    dip    normal    origin    merge

All zones within the given range are reflected across the plane. Note that group information is copied from the original to the new zones.

The following keywords are available to control how this reflection is accomplished.

dip-direction f (3D ONLY)

Specify the dip direction f [degrees] of the plane measured in the global \(xy\)-plane clockwise from the positive \(y\)-axis. (The default is f = 0.)

dip f

Specify (in FLAC3D) the dip angle f [degrees] of the plane, measured in the negative \(z\)-direction from the global \(xy\)-plane. (The default is f = 0.)

In FLAC2D, this specifies the angle f [degrees] of the plane measured clockwise from the global \(x\)-axis. (The default is f = 0.)

normal v

Specify a normal vector to the plane, with the components specified as v. If normal is specified, dip and dip-direction are not required.

origin v

Specify the location of one point through which the plane crosses. The coordinates of the point are v.

merge b

If b is off, then boundary gridpoints of the newly created zones are not automatically merged with previous existing gridpoints. By default merge is on.