zone split command


zone split <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

exclude-quadrilateral    merge

Split zones in the range into multiple hexahedral or quadrilateral zones.

In FLAC3D, tetrahedral zones are split into four hexahedral zones, wedge zones into six hexahedral zones, and hexahedral zones into eight smaller hexahedral zones. This command is not applicable to pyramid and degenerate brick zones.

In FLAC2D, triangular zones are split into three quadrilateral zones, and quadrilateral zones into four smaller quadrilateral zones.

The following keywords are available.


In FLAC3D, any quadrilateral face will be excluded from splitting, causing wedge zones to be split into three hexahedral zones, and hexahedral zones to be skipped. Tetrahedral zones will still be split into four hexahedral zones.

In FLAC2D, any quadrilateral zone will be excluded from splitting. Triangular zones will still be split into three quadrilateral zones.

merge b

If set to off, new gridpoints created will not be automatically merged with existing gridpoints. The default is on.