zone face list command


zone face list keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

apply    groups    information


  • The following nomenclature / equivalence between FLAC3D and FLAC2D is used:
    • Zone faces = zone surface faces in 3D or zone edges (lines connecting gridpoints) in 2D

    • There is no 2D equivalence for 3D zone edges

List information about zone faces.

apply <keyword>

Values and types of applied conditions at zone faces are listed. If the optional keyword is omitted, conditions is used as the default.


List the apply conditions that have been created on faces. This does not list each condition on each face, rather it lists the separate apply conditions that have been created. For example the command zone face apply stress-normal would create one entry no matter how many individual faces were involved. The range phrase is not used for this keyword.


Display the conditions that are being applied to each face in the range.


Displays a list of conditions that are being applied to each gridpoint in the range, caused by conditions applied to connected faces. The range phrase for this keyword applies to the list of all gridpoints.


Lists the groups assigned to each face in the range, as well as the gridpoints that make up the face and the zones on each side.


For each face in the range, lists the gridpoint ids that it is connected to, the zones on either side, the hide and select status, and any group assignments that exist.