zone interface tolerance-contact command


zone interface <s > tolerance-contact f keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

add    gradient    multiply    vary

Sets the maximum depth of penetration (of faces that contact an interface) for which a contact is detected. If this depth (or overlap) is greater than value, then no contact is detected. By default, the value is determined from zone dimensions and is updated if deformation occurs during a simulation.

The parameter may be used to force contact detection if a large initial overlap exists between two bodies. Use with caution, because large geometrical overlaps maybe physically unrealistic. The current values of contact-tolerance can be displayed with zone.interface s list information. If the interface name is not given then the command operates on all interfaces.

If an interface name s is given the command is applied only to nodes of that interface, otherwise the command is applied to nodes in all interfaces in the optional range.


Add the specified value to the existing value.

gradient v <origin v >

Apply a gradient to the scalar-value provided.


Multiply the existing value by the specified value.

vary v

Apply a linear variation to the scalar-value provided.