l :=<,ioverlay><,itetra>) (3D ONLY)

Gets a list of the gridpoint pointers associated with one or more tetrahedra of a zone.

If ioverlay is specified (an integer from 1 to 2) then only the grid points of the tetra of that overlay are returned. If itetra is specified as well, then only the grid points of that specific tetra is returned.

If more than one tetra is indicated (the default), then the return value is a list of lists. Each entry in the list is itself list of four grid point pointers, indicating the four grid points that make up each tetrahedra.

The gridpoints follow the convention that if you are an observer at the 4th gridpoint looking at gridpoints 1, 2, and 3, then the direction from gridpoint 1 to gridpoint 2 to gridpoint 3 is counterclockwise.

If both an over and a tetra index are specified, then a single list of four grid point pointers for a single tetra will be returned.

See the functions zone.overlays and zone.tet.num.


l - A list of grid point pointers for each tetra.


z - a zone pointers

ioverlay - the overlay index, from 1 to 2

itetra - the tetra index, from 1 to a maximum of 5