z :=,lgps)

Create a zone given a list of grid points.

s must indicate the zone type. Available zone types are brick, wedge, pyramid, degenerate-brick, or tetrahedra in 3D, and quadrilateral, triangle in 2D. Command keyword matching rules apply.

lgps must be a list of existing grid point pointers. The number, order, and orientation of the grid points must match the description in Orientation of Nodes and Faces within a Zone.

If this function is called from a multi-threading context the zone will be created immediately and a valid zone pointer returned, however the zone will not be added to the global list and assigned an id number until threading is stopped.

Note: There is no FISH function for zone deletion. For performance and data integrity reasons this can only be done through the zone delete command. The reccomended procedure is to tag all zones intended for deletion with a group name (see and use that group name as a range in a later zone delete command.


z - a pointer to a newly created zone


s - a string indicating the zone type

lgps - a list of existing grid point pointers.