Release Notes

New Features of PFC 7.0

Visit the page: for a detailed description of the new features of PFC 7.0.

Options and Add-ons of PFC 7.0

All PFC 7.0 additional features are included with the standard license. The following optional features and add-ons are available with PFC 7.0.

  • FLAC3D. Running coupled models between PFC and FLAC3D is now available.

    With valid licenses for both PFC and FLAC3D, users can now leverage DEM and continuum capabilities, greatly improving the range of problems one can investigate. See the section “Coupling PFC and FLAC” for further information.

Backward Compatibility with PFC 6.0

Save files are partially compatible between PFC 6.0 and PFC 7.0. All model data and FISH variables saved in a PFC 6.0 save file can be restored in PFC 7.0. However, FISH functions are not converted and need to be redefined in PFC 7.0. Data files are nearly compatible but there have been a few improvements in syntax.

Revision History

The PFC revision history is available at all times on the Itasca website. Visit the page: (for PFC3D and PFC2D). This page can also be accessed from within the program using the menu command Tools —> Check Modifications….