C++ Plugins


With the C++ Plugin capability, users may create custom contact models in C++ to be loaded at runtime.

For Linux users, please copy the contents of “/opt/itascasoftware/v900/pluginfiles/contactmodel/example” to a working directory. Comments at the top of the “CMakeLists.txt” file from that directory outline the process of compiling the shared object file. Once created, please move the shared object file to {“/opt/itascasoftware/v900/plugins/contactmodelmechanical2d” in 2D; “/opt/itascasoftware/v900/plugins/contactmodelmechanical3d” in 3D}. The contact model is loaded with the program load contactmodelmechanical command.

In order for a compiled DLL in Windows to be compatible with PFC, it must be compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.7.5 or later; we recommend the latest version. The interface also requires the use of Qt version 5.15.2, a C++ utility library. A discussion of Qt installation is given below.