clump break command


clump break <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

combine    inertia-tolerance    pebbles    plane

Break clumps into pebbles. The pebbles must be balls or rblocks to be broken (see the ball clump and rblock clump commands). The pebbles are returned to their original containers and contacts are retained with other pieces. The inertial properties of the pebbles are recomputed. The range is used to determine which clumps are to be broken. Clumps without pebbles are deleted, and the inertial properties of clumps with pebbles remaining are recomputed.

combine b

Combine the broken pebbles into a new clump. All contacts with the broken pebbles are retained. By default combine = false.

inertia-tolerance f

Specify the tolerance for computing the inertial attributes of the remaining or new clumps. Values between 0.00005 and 1 are accepted (f = 0.01 by default). Lower f values will produce more accurate inertial attribute estimates.

pebbles i ...

Specify one or more pebbles to be broken by ID. The pebbles must be balls or rblocks. Cannot be given with the plane keyword.

plane keyword ...

Specify that a plane is used to identify pebbles to be broken. Cannot be given with the pebbles keyword.

normal v

Specify the plane normal.

point v

Specify a point on the plane.