wall addfacet command


wall addfacet keyword ...

Primary keywords:

facetid    group    id    name    vertex

Add a facet a wall. The faceted wall is specified with the keywords id or name. If facets exist in the specified wall, then the proposed facet must share {a vertex in 2D; edge in 3D} with a preexisting facet. If the facet ID is not specified with the facetid keyword, the next available ID is assigned to the facet. The entire facet must fall within the model domain. The vertex keyword must be given {twice in 2D; three times in 3D} followed by the ID of the vertex in the specified wall or a position vector of the vertex position. At least {one vertex in 2D; 2 vertices in 3D} must be shared with the specified wall and the facet must not interpenetrate a preexisting facet.


While cycling, facets can only be added before cycle point 0 (i.e., when the timestep is calculated).

facetid ifacet

ID of the facet that is being added.

group keyword ...

Specify that the created facets are given a group name. Use of the group logic is described in Groups. If the slot keyword is not specified, then the group name is assigned to the slot Default.

name s

Group name.

slot slot

Set the group slot slot to s. By default, the slot Default is assigned.

id id

ID of the wall to which the facet is being added. Cannot be given with the name keyword.

name s

Name of the wall to which the facet is being added. Cannot be given with the id keyword.

vertex vpos | ivert

The vertex position or ID.

Usage Examples

wall addfacet name boundary vertex (0.6,0) vertex (0.7,0) facetid 7

wall addfacet id 1 vertex -5 -5 -5 vertex -5 -5  5 vertex 5 -5 5

wall addfacet name 'fred' vertex [v1] vertex [v2] vertex [c]