wall delete command


wall delete <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

facets    walls

Delete walls and/or facets. If neither the walls nor facets keywords are given, then facets are deleted.


Delete facets. Walls without facets are deleted.


Delete walls.

Usage Examples

Delete the entire wall with name topBottom.

wall delete wall range set name 'topBottom'

Delete the wall facet with ID 4.

wall delete range id 4

from “make_sample.dat” in Rock Testing

Delete the entrie wall with ID 3.

wall delete range set id 3

from “Hopper.dat” in Hopper Discharge

Delete all walls.

wall delete

from “cmlinearpbond_simple.dat” in Generating a Bonded Assembly

Delete all walls except those with ID’s 1 and 2.

wall delete range set id 1 2 not