wall group command


wall group s keyword ... <facet> <range>

Primary keywords:

add    remove    slot

Specify wall or facet group names. Use of the group logic is described in Groups. By default, s is assigned to the group slot Default. Use the any keyword to assign the group name to the next available slot and the remove keyword to remove s from all slots. The optional facet keyword can be given before the optional range to specify that the group name will be applied to facets. In this case, the range is applied to facets and not to walls.


Assign s to the next available slot.


Remove s from all slots.

slot slot

Set group slot slot to s. By default, slot Default is used.

Usage Example

wall group 'facetassembly' facet

from “BlenderBalls.dat” in Ribbon Blender

wall group 'wallassembly'

from “BlenderClusters.dat” in Ribbon Blender

wall group 'bot' range group 'top' not