wall resolution command


wall resolution keyword

Primary keywords:

full    none    reduced

Modify the contact-resolution strategy as outlined in the “Faceted Walls in PFC” section. By default, the resolution strategy is set to the reduced state. In all cases, contact activity based on contact with active/inactive facet sides (see wall active-sides) is determined.


Eliciting this command does not result in an automatic “cleaning” of the model state.

full <proximity b >

The contact resolution procedure for contacts with facets is at its full state. This means that in addition to the associative checks for contact activity, the sliver penetration conditions are checked, and the cutoff angle becomes active for contact-state information propagation for convex and concave facet intersections. Proximity contacts may result by default. If the additional Proximity keyword is given and b is set to false, then proximity contacts are not created.


No contact resolution is undertaken. This is the most computationally efficient method for contact resolution but may result in many more active contacts, reducing overall performance. Additionally unexpected responses may occur for wall geometries that are intended to be smooth.


The contact resolution procedure for contacts with facets is reduced (the default setting). The reduced contact resolution does not check for sliver penetration conditions nor is contact-state information propagated. The associative logic is applied to determine the contact activity state, though. This state is more computationally efficient than the full state.

Usage Examples

Set the wall resolution to full mode, meaning that proximity contacts may be created and contact-state information may be propagate for contacts with planar or the convex sides of walls.

wall resolution full

from “SleevedTriaxialTest.dat” in Sleeved Triaxial Test of a Bonded Material (FLAC3D)

Turn off all contact resolution with wall facets. Here all contacts are active with wall facets.

wall resolution none

Specify an intermediate state of contact resolution (the default). Proximity contacts are not created.

wall resolution reduced