zone joint create-contact command


zone joint create-contact keyword ...

Primary keywords:

range-1    range-2    tolerance    tolerance-angle

Create contacts between specified zone joints. The ranges apply to zone faces on either side of the joints. If no ranges are specified then contacts between all facets are created. This operation is only necessary if contacts have not been created with the zone joint create command.

range-1 <keyword ...>

Specify the range used to select zone faces on one side of the joint.

range-2 <keyword ...>

Specify the range used to select zone faces on the other side of the joint.

tolerance f

Specify the relative contact detection tolerance. By default the relative contact detection tolerance is 1e-8.

tolerance-angle f

Specify the angular tolerance, in degrees, between zone face normals for contacts to be created. By default the angular tolerance is 2 degrees. This is a global value.