block contact property-distribution command


block contact property-distribution s fvalue keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

deviation-gaussian    deviation-uniform    gradient    add    multiply    vary

Modify a joint model property. The property name is denoted by s, the value being assigned is denoted by fvalue. The property should accept a value of type float. While technically any valid type can be used here, none of the distribution keywords will apply and the block contact property command should probably be used instead.

The phrase that modifies the value must be given immediately following the property value. For more information on modifying values and the operation of these keywords, see the Value Modifiers topic.

deviation-gaussian f

A Gaussian distribution is used to assign the property values randomly, with a mean of fvalue and standard deviation of f .

deviation-uniform f

A uniform distribution is used to assign the property values randomly, with a mean value of fvalue and a standard deviation of f.

gradient v <origin v >

Apply a gradient to the property value.


Add fvalue to the property value.


Multiply the property value by fvalue.

vary v

Apply a linear variation to the property value.

Usage Example

The following example illustrates how block contact property-distribution can be used

block contact property-distribution friction 45 deviation-gaussian 5

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