block face list command


block face list keyword <rigid> <range>

Primary keywords:

bad-edge    bad-normal    check    extra    group    information    position    vertices

List information about block faces. Output is for deformable blocks only; the keyword rigid, if supplied, will invert output to rigid blocks only.


List block faces that have 3 vertices along a single edge; used in diagnosing problems with zoning.


List block faces that have normals that do not point out from the center of the block (inverted faces).


List information from an internal check on the data structures associated with the face sub-contact logic. It is used in diagnosing problems.

extra i

List extra variable information.


List group names.

information <keyword>

List general face information, including face number, block number, normal vector, area, joint number, and group name. This is the default keyword for the block face list command.


List the position of face centroids.


List the vertices that make up the faces in the range.