block tolerance command


block tolerance f <keyword f >

Primary keywords:

angle    edge    flowplane-angle    gap    planarity

Sets general model tolerance. It is used for:

  1. minimum distance between gridpoints;

  2. tolerance to link gridpoints of joined blocks; and

  3. tolerance to select vertices close to the common plane.

The default is 0.12% of the average model dimensions in \(x\), \(y\) and \(z\). Additional tolerances may be set with the keywords below.

angle f

Set the minimum edge angle allowed for a block cut. (The default is 1º.)

edge f

Set the minimum edge length for a polygon to f. If f is too large compared to the block size, then concave shapes may result. If value is too small, timesteps for deformable blocks can be too small. The default is 0.12% of the average problem dimension.

flowplane-angle f

Set the angle (in degrees) used to determine if points on a flow plane edge lie on the same edge. The default is 178. Set to lower value if flowplanes are discontinuous after meshing.

gap f

Set the gap tolerance used in the creation of subcontacts. Subcontacts will be created if the gap between blocks is less than f times the block dimension. The default is 0.01.

planarity f

Set the tolerance used by the cutting logic to determine whether nonplanar cuts are to be made. The tolerance is a multiple of the value supplied with block tolerance (default value is 0.1).