is := feblock.gauss.state(bfep,i)

Get the state of the the gauss point i of the finite element block, where i is the gauss point ID (between 1 and 27). The returned state is a sum of integer values:

0       elastic
1       matrix shear currently at yield
2       matrix tension currently at yield
4       matrix shear yield in past
8       matrix tension yield in past
16     ubiquitous joint currently at shear yield
32     ubiquitous joint currently at tensile yield
64     ubiquitous joint shear yield in past
128   ubiquitous joint tensile yield in past

These are the states corresponding to the most commonly used constitutive models. Other states are possible. See the Constitutive Models for details.


is - state indicator


bfep - feblock pointer i - gauss point ID