fracture copy command


fracture copy keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

from-dfn    to-dfn

Copy fractures. Fractures falling in the specified range are copied from the DFN specified with the from-dfn keyword to the DFN specified with the to-dfn keyword. If the later DFN does not exist it is created.

from-dfn s

Specify the DFN name from which to copy fractures. If no DFN is specified then fractures from all DFNs may be copied if they fall within the specified range.

to-dfn s

Specify the DFN name to which fractures will be copied. If no DFN is specified then a new DFN is created name copyOfDfnXX, where XX is the ID of the DFN from which the fractures have been copied.

Usage Example

The following example in 3D illustrates how the fracture copy command can be used to split a DFN into two: one with the smallest fractures, and one with the largest fractures.

model new
model random 10000
model domain extent -5 5 
; range definition
fish define mylarge(dummy,frac)
	if fracture.area(frac)>4
		mylarge = 1
;Generate fractures using the default template
fracture generate dfn 'first' fracture-count 400
;Copy fractures into a new DFN
fracture copy from-dfn 'first' to-dfn 'second' range fish mylarge
;Delete the large fractures from the first DFN
fracture delete dfn 'first' range fish mylarge
program return 

See Also: fracture delete