These commands examine or modify the general model state. These are either settings that are saved/restored/reset along with the model, or general model controls that do not pertain to a specific module (like zone, structure elements, or ball).

Model Commands

model calm

model clean

model cluster

model configure

model creep

model cycle

model deterministic

model display

model domain

model dynamic

model energy

model factor-of-safety

model fluid

model gravity

model history

model large-strain

model list

model mechanical

model new

model orientation-tracking

model precision

model random

model range

model restore

model results

model save

model solve

model solve-creep

model solve-dynamic

model solve-fluid

model solve-fluid-coupled

model solve-fluid-decoupled

model solve-static

model solve-thermal

model solve-thermal-coupled

model step

model thermal

model title

model update-interval