massflow mine-block import command


massflow mine-block import s

Import a mine block description. The description is contained in the file s.

MassFlow mine block format specification

A MassFlow CSV-format, comma-delimited mine block file with the following specifications:

Line 1 - Header. The following columns are mandatory:

Easting, Northing, Elevation, CavePeriod, BlockID, SolidsDen, InSituPor, MaxPor, FricAng, PriFragA, PriFragB, TenStrA, TenStrB, UCS, PercK1, PercK2, and PercVMR, in non-strict order but strict name.

See Block Model for the meaning of these parameters.

Extra columns with information about mine block ore grades can be added. There is no limit to the number of extra columns that can be added. Information in these columns is available as labels in the mineblock plot item and through the FISH functions and massflow.mineblock.ore.value.

Line 2 onwards - Actual values for each of the column defined in Line 1

The code block below shows a portion of a MassFlow mineblock file.