PFC Commands Index

All commands that may be used with PFC — including those commands that are common to all Itasca software — are listed below. Commands are organized alphabetically by major command word and sorted by source (PFC commands and common commands).

PFC Commands
c ball
c contact
c clump
c rblock
c wall
Common Commands
c brick
c data
c domain
c fish
c group
c history
c measure
c model
c plot
c program
c project
c table
c trace


Most of the operational (rather than model construction) tasks in the program are contained within the three common major command words: c program (call, continue, load, log, quit, return, etc.), c model (cycle, new, save, restore, solve, etc.), and project (execute, restore, save, etc.).

All commands available within the c program group — call, continue, convert, customer-title-1, customer-title-2, directory, echo, echo-line, floating-point-check, list, load, log, log-file, mail, notice, pagination, pause, playback, quit, return, stop, system, threads, undo, warning — may be issued without the word “program” in front of them. Thus, program call and call are both syntactically valid and equivalent.