i = block.subcontact.state(bscp)
block.subcontact.state(bscp) = i

Get/set the subcontact state indicator.

The subcontact failure state is represented by a variable with 64 bits. Each bit refers to a potential state. Different joint constitutive models will have different potential states (see Constitutive Models in 3DEC). The potential states for the Mohr-Coulomb model are shown in the table below.

MC Failure States Value Label
Failure in shear now 1 slip-n
Failure in tension now 2 tension-n
Failure in shear in the past 4 slip-p
Failure in tension in the past 8 tension-p

Combinations of states are possible by turning on different bits. For example, a subcontact that failed in tension in the past and is shearing now would have a state value of 8 + 1 = 9. A value of 0 indicates no failure (elastic).

Returns:i - state indicator
Accepts:i - state indicator
Arguments:bscp - block subcontact pointer