contact method command


contact method keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

mechanical    thermal

Call a contact method. The method, along with its specific list of pairs of argument names and values, is invoked for the contacts in range.

By default, only mechanical contacts are considered.

The list of built-in mechanical contact models is given in the “Built-in Contact Models” section. In the documentation for each contact model, a Methods table may exist. These include: the linear, rolling resistance linear, adhesive rolling resistance linear, linear dipole, linear contact bond, spring network, linear parallel bond, smooth joint, and flat joint method tables. Users may also implement custom contact models and methods see “User-Defined Contact Models” for further information).


Apply the method to mechanical contacts.


Apply the method to thermal contacts.

Usage Example

contact method bond gap 0.0 pb_deformability emod 60e9 kratio 2.5

from “make_intact.dat” in Creation of a Synthetic Rock Mass (SRM) Specimen

contact method bond range contact active

from “stress.dat” in Rigid Block Model of Tunnel Excavation

contact method pb_deformability emod [ballemod] kratio 1.0 ...

from “SleevedTriaxialTest.dat” in Sleeved Triaxial Test of a Bonded Material