contact property command


contact property keyword ... <inheritance b > ...

Assign contact properties. All contacts with a contact model that recognizes the property are affected. Inheritance may also be modified with the optional inheritance keyword, followed by a boolean.

By default, only mechanical contacts are considered.

The list of built-in mechanical contact models is given in the “Built-in Contact Models” section. In the documentation for each contact model, a Properties table exists. These include: the linear, rolling resistance linear, adhesive rolling resistance linear, linear dipole, linear contact bond, Burger, spring network, Johnson-Kendall-Roberts, Edinburgh-Elasto-Plastic-Adhesive, linear parallel bond, hertz, hysteretic, smooth joint, flat joint, and fish property tables. Users may also implement custom contact models and properties (see “User-Defined Contact Models” for further information).


Apply to mechanical contacts.


Apply to thermal contacts.

Usage Example

contact property pb_kn 1e7 pb_ks 1e7 pb_ten 4e5 pb_coh 4e5 pb_fa 20.0

from “fragment.dat” in Fragmentation Analysis during a Uniaxial Compression with Crack Tracking Using Fractures

contact property lin_mode 1 lin_force 0 0 0 pb_ten 2e5 pb_coh 2e6

from “SleevedTriaxialTest.dat” in Sleeved Triaxial Test of a Bonded Material

contact property pb_ten 1e5 pb_coh 1e5 pb_kn 500 pb_ks 188 pb_rmul 0.8

from “cantilever.dat” in Tip-Loaded Cantilever Beam