Docked Panes

Hover the mouse exactly at the edge between two panes. When this is done, the cursor changes to

a horizontal ( horz ) or vertical ( vert ) resize cursor,

depending on whether the edge is vertical or horizontal, respectively. While the mouse is in this state, click and drag the edge to the desired new position.

With docked panes, edges that are coincident with the edge of the main window, the status bar, or the main menu/toolbar area may not be moved.

Floated Panes

To resize a floated pane, hover the mouse over one of its four outer edges, or over a corner. The cursor will respond:

fver   on a vertical edge;
fhor   on a horizontal edge;
fdia   on a corner.

Click and drag to resize using the desired cursor.


A floated pane may be maximized (automatically sized to occupy the entire screen space available) and de-maximized using buttons on the title bar of the pane as follows.

pmax maximize the current pane

pmin de-maximize the current pane

When de-maximized, a pane will be restored to the size it had before being maximized. A docked pane may not be maximized. The buttons shown above are not available on a docked pane.