Showing and Opening

If hidden(open but not visible):

  • Use the Documents menu to un-hide the pane (if it is a View or Editor pane; use the Panes menu to show all others.
  • Hidden panes that contain data files may also be shown using the i Project pane.

Making a hidden pane visible will also cause that pane to become the currently active pane.

See the topic on Hiding and Closing panes for an explanation of the possible view states (open and visible, closed, hidden) of the panes.

Document panes are created as necessary for requested items: when a data file is opened, when a plot is created, or when a listing results from a command. A created pane is made the active pane when created. CS: each of the preceding should be a link to the operation described.


It is not possible to open an existing pane from any toolbar or button in the program. Only the menus can do so, since they are the only component in the interface assured to be available at all times — remember, though always present, the main toolbar’s content is varying and contingent on the active pane.