Figure 1: Support for the software comes in many forms, including code updates on the Itasca web site, the Technical Support dialog, and the documentation, which is tightly integrated with the program.

  • Within the program, press F1
  • Check the options available on the Help menu
  • If you’re working with a command, press Ctrl + spacebar

That’s the short version. The long version is contained in the contents of this section, which covers:

  • Program Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • Installation
  • Program Security
  • Program Updates
  • Program Documentation (main page has ??)
    • commands tools
    • conventions (syntax highlighting, doc visual conventions (hyperlinks et al), etc.)
    • doc set described (+ where things are???)
    • guides (recommended reading sequences)
  • Technical support (main page says basic language & reproduces section from EULA)
    • tech support dialog
    • tech support policy
    • bugs
    • training
  • installation (main page has 3 steps)
    • installation (fuller description, layout, shortcuts, uninstall, etc.)
    • network license
    • system requirements
    • runtime benchmarks
  • security (picture of keys - either local or network)
    • get key
    • license (what is it, how to find it)
    • eula
  • updates (how to get)
    • get revision #

Refer to the topics above for instructions on troubleshooting, technical support and more.

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