geometry tessellate command


geometry tessellate keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

convex-hull    delaunay    set    start-set    to-set    voronoi

Tessellate nodes. The nodes are tessellated in the current geometry set using the Qhull ( package. Polygons are created in the current set, by default. See the to-set and start-set keywords to output polygons to different geometry sets. If the set keyword is not given, then the current set is used.


Calculate the convex hull of the nodes in the current geometry set. This keyword is not compatible with the start-set.


Calculate the Delaunay simplices of the nodes of the current geometry set.

set s

Specify the geometry set.

start-set s

Each Delaunay simplex or Voronoi region is placed in a unique set. Each set name is a combination of s with the ID of the set post-pended to s. For example, the set with ID = 13 with s = con would have name con13. This keyword cannot be used with the convexhull keyword.

to-set s

Place the resulting polygons in the set with name s. This set is created if it does not exist.


Calculate the Voronoi regions of the nodes in the current geometry set.


Voronoi regions with points at infinity are skipped when producing the output.