ir =,i)
Get local index ir of a point within the next edge attached to this point (note: the same point has local index i within the source edge e). This can be used to iterate through all edges connected to a node with the function.

ir - node index with 1 \(\le\) ir \(\le\) 2


e - edge pointer

i - node index with 1 \(\le\) i \(\le\) 2

Usage Example

The following example illustrates how can be used to iterate through all edges attached to a node, counting the number of edges.

    global test21 = geom.edge.node.pos(pnt,2)
    global test22 = geom.edge.pos(pnt)
    ; Test node to edge loop
    global test23 = 0
    local node_pnt = geom.node.find(setpnt,1)
    local edge_pnt = geom.node.start.edge(node_pnt)
    local node_ind = geom.node.start.index(node_pnt)
    loop while edge_pnt # null
        test23 = test23 + 1
        local next_pnt =,node_ind)
        node_ind =,node_ind)
        edge_pnt = next_pnt