Command Entry in the Console Pane

Commands are typed literally at the command prompt.

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After entry, output from the command, if any, is shown in the console area above the command prompt.


Commands may be shortened to their first few letters. In this documentation, the underlined characters in a command signature (see zone list, for instance) indicate the minimum necessary characters to type for correct recognition of the command. Note that a hyphenated command will require the minimum characters and the hyphen (e.g., zone apply-remove may be shortened to z a-r).

A single input line, including comments, may contain any number of characters. Commands have no character limit (short of computer memory limits). In data files, they may be written on multiple lines of text as long as a continuation character is used to link multiple lines together into one command line. However, long commands are difficult to read (and may be difficult to input). See Command Shaping.