Face Plot Item


Model face information.




Set which faces to show.

Show: Select from the choices: “Surface” to display surface faces only; “All” to display all faces, internal and external; and “Grouped” to display surfaces by face group assignment.



Specify how faces should be colored. Some options will require additional, dynamically-provided attributes in order to complete the selection; these are indicated with notations on the table.

Color-By: select from the following options.

Table 1: Selection Options for Color-By
Density Model
Extraᵉ Multiplier
Face Extraᵉ Propertyᵖ
Face Groupsˢ Stateᵗ
Fluid Density Thermal Propertyᵖ
Fluid Propertyᵖ Type
Groupˢ Uniform
ᵉAn “Index” attribute follows
ᵖA “Property” attribute follows
ˢA “Slot” attribute follows
ᵗA “State By” attribute follows



Set properties of the line used for the item color-list. See the standard color-list control description for details.



Control display of faces of null zones.

Hide-Null: Specify (checked) that faces of null zones should not be displayed. The field contains a list of different zone types.

[item]: Hide (checked) null zone face of [item] type.



Control display of null zones within the plot.

Hide-Null: Specify (checked) that null zones should not be displayed. The field contains a list of different zone types.

[item]: Hide (checked) null zone of [item] type.

Highlighted Selected


Show selected faces.

Highlighted Selected: Show and highlight selected (checked) faces, even if they would not otherwise be displayed.

Selected Only


Show selected faces only.

Selected Only: Show selected (checked) faces only.



Map the item to new model coordinates. See the standard map control description for details.



Set the deformation factor. See the standard def-fac control description for details.



Set properties of item facets. See the standard polygons control description for details.



Set the transparency of the plot item. See the standard transparency control description for details.



Set item labeling in the plot legend. See the standard legend control description for details.

Beneath Title, the Face plot item also provides controls in Legend for Color-List, Count, Map, and Def-Fac.