IsoSurface Plot Item


Zone value data as isosurfaces.


Value followed by varying stuff IsoValue Color-By followed by varying stuff Color-List Polygons Cut-Line Hide-Null Map Def-fac Transparency Legend



Select the zone value to display. Additional attribute fields are supplied as needed; these are noted in the table below.

Table 1: Selection Options for Valueᴸ
Accelerationᶜ Extraᵉᵘʷ Pore Pressureʷ Strength-Stress Ratioᵐ
Conditionᵐ Fluid Biot Modulus Propertyᵖᵐ Target Force Ratio
Convergence Fluid Bulk Modulus Saturation Temperature
Densityᵐ Fluid Densityᵐ Strain Incrementʸ Thermal Propertyᵖᵐ
Displacementᶜ Fluid Propertyᵖ Strain Rateʸ Unbalanced Forceᶜ
Dynamic Timestep Local Force Ratio Stressᶻ Velocityᶜ
Effective Stressᶻ Multiplier    
ᴸAll values provide a “Log” attribute
ᶜA “Component” attribute follows
ᵉAn “Extra” attribute follows
ᵐA “Method” attribute follows
ᵖA “Property” attribute follows
ᵘA “Type” attribute follows
ʷA “Source” attribute follows
ʸA “Quantity” and “Method” attribute follow
ᶻA “Quantity”, “Stress”, and “Method” attribute follow




IsoValue: If “Auto” is checked, automatically calculate xxxx. If unchecked, manually specify xxxxxx. Press the “execute” button if changing the manual setting in order to regenerate the plot after the change is specified.


Table 3: Selection Options for Color-By
Density Multiplier
Extraᵉ Propertyᵖ
Fluid Density Stateᵗ
Fluid Propertyᵖ Thermal Propertyᵖ
Groupˢ Type
Model Uniform
ᵉAn “Extra” attribute follows
ᵖA “Property” attribute follows
ˢA “Slot” attribute follows
ᵗA “State By” attribute follows



Set properties of the line used for the item color-list. See the standard color-list control description for details.



Set properties of item facets. See the standard polygons control description for details.



Set properties of the line used for the item cutline. See the standard cut-line control description for details.



Do not show null items in the plot. See the standard hide-null control description for details.



Map the item to new model coordinates. See the standard map control description for details.



Set the deformation factor. See the standard def-fac control description for details.



Set the transparency of the plot item. See the standard transparency control description for details.



Set item labeling in the plot legend. See the standard legend control description for details.

Beneath Title, the isosurface plot item also provides controls in Legend for Count, Color-List, Map, and Def-Fac.