Documents Menu


Figure 1: The menu lists all open items. Checked items are visible; unchecked items are hidden.

Three pane types may appear on this menu: Editor, View, and Listing. These panes house user-created items that may “come and go”, as compared to the pane types available on the i Panes menu, which are all built-in aspects of the program.

The menu does three tasks:

  • list all items currently open in the program,
  • indicate the visibility state of each item (checked = visible), and
  • navigate to an item selected from the menu and unhide as needed.

When an item is closed it is removed from the list of items appearing on the menu.


Items are not closed from this menu. The checkbox adjacent to an item is an indicator of visibility. Selecting a checked item will not not “uncheck” it (that is, “close” it), though it will cause the program to make that pane the active pane in the program. Close a pane using the Close button ( pclose ) on its title bar.