Panes Menu


Figure 1: The menu lists open items with a check; “x-ed” items are closed; items showing no icon are hidden.

Each pane on this menu is singular: there is only ever one instance of each type. It is possible to either hide or close most of them.

As with the &Documents menu, selecting an item from this menu will cause the program to open or unhide it as needed and make it the active pane. Also

The menu does two tasks:

  • indicate the hidden or closed state of each item (checked = visible; x-ed = closed; no icon = hidden)
  • navigates to an item selected from the menu and unhide as needed

Closed items are not removed from the menu.


Items are not closed from this menu. The checkbox adjacent to an item is an indicator of visibility. Selecting a checked item will not “uncheck” it (that is, “close” it), though it will cause the program to make that pane the active pane in the program. Close a pane using the Close button ( pclose ) on its title bar.


The keyboard shortcuts listed on this menu are global. From any context in the program their use will cause the requested pane to be shown/unhidden as needed and made the current pane.


The Model, Extrusion, and Building Blocks panes are specific to FLAC3D.